Financial Planning Ministry (FPM)

Estate planning is often overlooked as a means for good stewardship. But, regardless of financial position or age, every adult should have an effective estate plan that  includes future distribution of resources, outlines important medical decisions, and provides for the guardianship of minor children. FPM removes confusion about estate planning and provides stewardship opportunities to believers at any income level. Families are assisted with crucial estate planning documents without the typical cost of $1,500 to $4,000 incurred elsewhere. Those savings, along with assets saved from avoiding probate can be redirected to ministries and family members.

We partner with Financial Planning Ministry  because they exist to fund ministry by educating families and facilitating generosity  through planned giving.  Financial Planning Ministry (FPM) is a trusted name in estate planning and planned giving. Since 1982, more than 30,000 families and individuals have benefitted from our unique “stewardship through estate planning” ministry. And, our partners have benefitted as well with gift expectancies in the $30–$50 million range for

long-term partners. The resources for all partners continue to grow every year.