Our Mission

The OCEF Church Planters is a not-for-profit organization in Oregon which exists to establish new churches, to strengthen weaker churches, and to deepen the commitment and connection of all Christian churches. Our mission encompasses these actions: 

  • New Church Planting
  • Strengthen Established Churches
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Church Assessment
  • Leadership Training
  • Church Resources

OCEF Church Planters is being used significantly to influence

and shape the church planting culture through our methodology and three-fold ministry approach. We are starting churches that are starting churches, thus multiplying churches, not just adding. We are partnering with existing churches to focus or restore leaderships to an evangelistic approach to ministry. We are coaching all churches for the purpose of revitalization and church growth.

We champion an inter-dependency movement of all the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the state of Oregon. We count it an honor to partner with you and to serve you.